Geospatial Challenge Camp 2023 has finished. Thank you all!

Second day#

Presentations of opening event on Tuesday 26.09.2023

Session 3: Forming multi-skilled teams#

Innovation, team, work practices#

  • Presented by Antero Järvi (University of Turku)

Session 4: Insights, data, and tools#

Geospatial data from SYKE#

  • Presented by Vuokko Heikinheimo (SYKE)

Geoprivacy open data and NLS data#

  • Presented by Juha Oksanen (NLS)

Urban climate data Turku#

  • Presented by Jukka Käyhkö (TURCLIM)

Participatory mapping data#

  • Presented by Tiina Rinne (Aalto University)

Smart city and wayfinding#

  • Presented by Nadja Osipova (Citynomadi)

Tools for reproducible & open science#

  • Presented by Henrikki Tenkanen (Aalto University)

Overview of CSC Geocomputing#

  • Presented by Samantha Wittke (CSC)