Geospatial Challenge Camp 2023 has finished. Thank you all!

Pitching solutions#

Presented on Friday 01.12.2023


Welcome to the Final Event of GCC 2023#

  • Presented by Niina Käyhkö (University of Turku)


City experience of Highly Sensitive People#

  • Presented by Gabriel Chibuye (he/him) Lysianne Wolf (she/her), Issac Hsu (he/him), and Johanna Jämsä (they/them)

Extreme Heat Events in Cities: climate risk assessment solution for urban planning in Turku#

  • Presented by Venla Aaltonen, Haiyu Dongfang, Yohannes Getachew Ejigu, Hanna von Gerich, Zhiren Huang

Healthcare accessibility#

  • Presented by Meng Xu, Edith Karjalainen, Osama Bin Shafaat, Zohreh Sherafatpour

Not-AI inclusive Health access partner#

  • Presented by Syamili Manoj Santhi, Emma Nkonoki, David Verdugo-Raab, Yu Xu, Kamil Marwat