Geospatial Challenge Camp 2023 has finished. Thank you all!


Is your organization looking for a solution? The Geospatial Challenge Camp 2023 aims to solve real-world sustainable challenges of Health and Wellbeing with open data and location technologies. Join us and collaborate with us to work together with multidisciplinary team in this 10-week course during September-December 2023.

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Partner activities#

As a Partner you can support the Geospatial Challenge Camp in the next activities:

Challenge theme owners

Does your organization have real-world Health and Wellbeing problems? Is your team willing to solve those problems with open data and location technologies?

Digital data providers

Does your organization have digital health related Location Data? Would you offer this data to multidisciplinary teams for exploration and innovation?

Policy maker

Do you have health related information gaps for the improvement of Decision Making? Are you willing to find the link between data-driven solutions to public health policy making?

Financial sponsors

Is yor organization interested in supporting the challenge camp and provide scholarships to young scientists? Or perhaps an award for the best solution?

Possible partners#

  • Health care and wellbeing organizations and institutes

  • Wellbeing services counties

  • Organizations providing location and statistical information

  • Health and wellbeing companies

  • Companies interested in extending their activities to health and wellbeing domain

  • Innovation hubs and actors

  • Cities, municipalities, provinces

  • Enthusiastic volunteers

We offer#

  • New digital solutions to real-world health and well-being problems

  • Working with young talented researchers and novel data processing

  • Refined and new digital high-value data sets

  • Stronger professional networks with location and tech experts

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