Geospatial Challenge Camp 2023 has finished. Thank you all!
Why Geospatial Challenge Camp?

Geospatial Challenge Camp aims at engaging young scientists and students to solve real-world sustainability challenges with digital data and location technologies. In 2023, the topic of the challenge is Health and Wellbeing.


Starting on September 25-26th, 2023 with a kick-off event and closing on December 1st, 2023. Multi-disciplinary teams of young scientists work in close collaboration with different stakeholders to co-create digital and social innovations related to our health and wellbeing challenges.

How to cooperate with us and sign-up for the challenge?

Researchers and students, check below how to sign-up for the Geospatial Challenge Camp to boost your digital data and innovations skills and enlarge your networks. Collaborators, read more on how to be involved and match your digital health and well-being information needs and opportunities with us.

Latest news#

The Geospatial Challenge Camp has ended! Click on the news images to find the online material.

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The Geospatial Challenge Camp is a new skills development and innovation service of Geoportti Research Infrastructure and Location Innovation Hub (LIH) , which is one of the European Digital Innovation Hubs. The Geospatial Challenge Camp is a 10-week long challenge-based course (5 ECTS) that aims to provide participants a chance to tackle relevant real-world challenges in cross-disciplinary teams. The participants are doctoral and post-doctoral researchers plus master students from Finnish universities and research organizations. They will work together in multidisciplinary teams and collaborate with mentors and stakeholders.

The course aims to identify and analyze complex location and time-related societal problems that requires the designing and building of digital impact-driven solutions, scientists from various disciplines will work together on real-world sustainable solutions. Participants will benefit their professional growth regarding the use of data, technology, and application innovations stemming from the Geoportti project.

The challenges will be posed by societal actors, data providers, companies, NGOs and innovation community actors and they will offer to Researchers the chance to expand their data science solutions into new operative solutions and make a broader societal impact in Finland and beyond.

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